Face to Face with the Word


Just before judgement rained out of heaven upon the land of Sodom, 3 men angels came to Abraham (Gen 18). Of these 3 angels, 2 went to bring Lot that great preacher out of Sodom while the other one stayed with Abraham. Abraham came face to face with the Lord! He was God manifest in a human body of flesh. Here in America a great minister has been taken out or off the scene, a minister like Lot who cried out repent or face judgement. "Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man shall be revealed" (Luke 17:30). While here at this same time there are those coming to greater revelation, like Abraham they are coming face to face with the Word manifest in flesh. Get ready for a major shift! Though it may seem the sun is setting and judgement of the nations drawing close, Get Ready For A Greater Manifestation Of Light......!