We Are And We Know It


We are redeemed and we know it!    
We are called of God and we know it!  
We are ordained of God and we know it! 
We are the anointed of the Lord and we know it!        
We are Chosen for this day and very hour and we know it!         
We are heirs of God and we know it!             
We are temples of the Holy Ghost and we know it!    
We are more than conquerors and we know it!        
We are hid with Christ in God and we know it!        
We are of the new creation order and we know it!! (2 Cor. 5:17)     
We are now the Sons of God and we know it!

May it be known to all the powers and principalities; Made known to all powers of darkness, we will not accept defeat and will not lose! May it be made known to all spiritual wickedness, we refuse to be detoured from “Thus Saith The Lord”. We will not let up, neither will we hold our peace! We Win The battle! Fear and cowardliness is alien to our innermost being! As born again supernatural beings, we take our God given rights and abilities arising in the name of Jesus and advance into our destiny! Unconfined, uncaged from religious dogmas, creeds and doctrines of man we spread our wings as the eagle in flight carrying the blood stained banner! We are of the creator, we are made in His likeness and we know it! We are victorious and triumphant by and through the power of the Holy Spirit! We are now in the end-times, this is our day; this is our hour; the day of spiritual giants and mighty men and women of valor. We arise with both power and authority taking dominion, conquering, and overcoming by and through the name of Jesus! It’s God in us and we know! It’s God for us and we know it! We are not only here to do the will of God……We Are The Will Of God!

By Gene Wiseman

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