Who Are They?


They are born again Holy Ghost filled believers and partakers of the life of God! They are a spirit being, born of the supernatural! They possess a knowingness that God is their Father! They have within them the living Word! They have within them the winner and they cannot lose! They have within them an unseen power and authority from above! They ask and they receive! They seek and they find! They knock and it is opened unto them! They are not moved by circumstance! They are spiritual sons of God and walk in their son-ship rights! They stand tall in the face of opposition! All from Adam, born of Adam’s race receive from a natural earthly kingdom or earthly domain. While the Holy Ghost filled believer receives not only from the earthly domain but also receives from the God kingdom. They receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit! They receive the gifts of the Spirit! They operate in faith: They lay hands upon the sick: They cast out devils: They speak with new tongues! Nothing can sway them from their son-ship rights! There is no controlling influence that has the ability to sway them from their goals and vision! They will attain their ordained destiny and purpose and they know it! Our commission as believers is not to grumble, complain, whimper and cry! Our Commission is to Go, Conquer and Possess! We have been illuminated and we are motivated by the Holy Spirit! In Jesus name we successfully move forward doing nothing less than His will on earth! We Are Ready To Meet The Divine Challenge Of This Day And We Will Not Fail….

-- Gene Wiseman