The Golden End Of The Wheat


All of the plant is not seed! The blade is not seed! The Stalk is not seed! The husk is not seed! However, all of this is a carrier of the same life that is in the seed! In this example it is so easy for the believer to see Christ in His Church, that Great and Mighty One standing amongst us! This is why we fear not the tares! With Jesus, being the Word or the Original Royal Seed, means the very life that was in Him came up through that blade when the Church was first born in Acts. Then all down through the ages the true church has been the carrier of the life of that original seed. Though all of the plant has its own part and is a carrier of that precious life, all of it does not go back to seed. However, there is something of that original seed that travels all the way through that plant. It moved and traveled through the little blade that first sprang up at Pentecost, it traveled on up through the stalk and will not come forth and be manifest except to the end! Where are we now? Drawing near to the golden end of the wheat plant, we are drawing right up to the golden tip of that wheat plant where we find the tassel and husk. The little blade stage has past, the stage of just a stalk has past! We find at the tip of that wheat plant at the golden end of it something is hidden in that husk ready to be revealed! Here at the end of that plant hidden in the husk we find the true golden grain, the original seed in great multiplied numbers! Though the blade was not seed, neither was the stalk or the tassel, yet the very life of that seed moved and came right on up through that blade and moved right on up through that stalk carrying yet a special something that was only for the end. The wheat, the true golden grain is getting close to being gathered together into the garner! Hidden in the husk at the end of the wheat plant there are multitudes of wheat seed that will come forth and be revealed! This seed, this golden grain at the end of this wheat plant is bearers of the same identity as the original seed that the little blade sprang forth from at the beginning, because through the Holy Spirit they are of the original! The FULL IDENTITY of the plant seed comes forth at the end of that wheat plant in a sameness and oneness of the original seed! Fear not because the tares will not prevail over this original seed!

John 12:24 Verily, Verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground (just one grain) and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. 

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